To get the newest features onto your ZEITDice, you need the newest firmware installed on it. If you have your ZEITDice connected to the ZEITCloud and uploading regularly you don't have to do anything since we push firmware updates over-the-air (OTA) onto your ZEITDice and keep it updated automatically for you. 

All ZEITDice shipping after July 1st 2018 come with FW Version 1.2.1 installed, if your ZEITDice shipped before that you can update the FW following theses steps:

Download and Update Firmware

  1. Download the most recent firmware file from here (1.2.1).
  2. Plug your ZEITDice via USB into your computer, it should show up as a mass-storage device, like a thumb drive / external memory, called TIMELAPSE or ZEITDICE. 
  3. Move the firmware.zd file you just downloaded onto the device.
  4. Unmount and unplug the ZEITDice.
  5. Turn it off and on again until you see lights flashing like in the video above.
  6. After the new firmware is installed (lights go dark) plug it back into your computer
  7. Delete the files log.txt, settings.ini (make a backup in case you don't know your settings) and the folder Snapshots (if it exists).
  8. Unmount and unplug the camera. You are done. (a new log.txt and settings.ini file will be generated next time you turn on the camera, then you can also edit the settings.ini file).  

Confirm Firmware Update

  1. Enter "Setup Mode" by pushing the button until the light permanently shows yellow.
  2. Use your smartphone, tablet or computer with WIFI to look for a WIFI Access Point (AP) called "TIMELAPSE_AP".
  3. Connect to the WIFI AP with password "timelapse", you should change the WIFI AP Name (SSID) and password after your first login. 
  4. Open a browser on your smartphone, tablet or computer you connected to the WIFI AP with and enter "" into the address bar. The current Firmware Version will show in a table in the interface that is loaded.
  5. Learn how to use the camera in "Getting Started".  
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