Push the button until the green light comes on: Congratulations, your first timelapse session with the ZEITDice One has started. 

Hardware Features 

  1. 120° wide angle lens
  2. Tripod Mount (1/4"-20)
  3. USB Micro-B Connector for charging and file system access (Only use supplied cable with extra long connector tip for a solid connection)
  4. Battery charging indicator light: red means it's charging, green means it's fully charged. It can take up to 24 hours to fully recharge.
  5. Mode indicator light, flashes when image is taken and corresponds when button (#6) is pushed.
  6. Button, push as deep until you feel and hear a click.
  7. There used to be a magnet here, but it was not strong enough to hold the camera steady, so we removed it. 
  8. Sticker with serial number

Pre-Requisites & General Notes

  • This guide is continuously updated to match the most recent firmware (the software that runs on the ZEITDice) available. Therefore please make sure you actually have the most recent firmware installed. If your ZEITDice shipped before April 8th 2018 you will have to update. 
  • Please charge the device for 24 hours via the supplied USB cable (until the battery charging indicator light, #4 in the hardware illustration above, goes from red to green).
  • When disconnecting the device from your computers USB port, always use the operation systems "Eject" function to unmount the device before unplugging it to prevent corruption of the devices file system.
  • Only use the provided USB cable. 
  • No matter what mounting feature of the device you might use (Magnets, Strap, Tripod Screw), always use a secondary cable or rope to secure the camera additionally in case the primary mounting method breaks.
  • Be careful with the USB connector on the device when it's plugged in, the connector can break off if it's pushed too hard in any direction. 
  • Setup Mode can only have one device (smartphone, tablet, computer) connected to it's WIFI Access Point during setup. 


The ZEITDice One Timelapse Camera has only one button to enter Capture Mode, Setup Mode or Off Mode. Pushing the button cycles through the modes and the time the button is let go is essential to enter a mode.

Capture Mode

  • Push the button until the mode indicator light turns green (> 1 second) and let go. 
  • The mode indicator light (#5 in the hardware illustration above) will rapidly flash green 5 times before the camera starts capturing on the set interval. You will learn how to change the interval in the next section. 
  • To exit capture mode push the button again until the mode indicator light shows green, let go and watch it flash red 5 times, capture mode has been exited and Setup Mode entered, here you can turn off the camera by pushing the button again until the mode indicator light shows red. 

Setup Mode

  • Push the button until the mode indicator light turns yellow (> 2 seconds) and let go.
  • The mode indicator light will stay yellow. 
  • To access your images: You can now plug the device into your computer via USB and access it's file system like you would usually do with an external hard-drive or memory.
  • To change the settings: In setup mode the device opens up a WIFI Access Point (AP) that you can connect to with a smartphone, tablet or computer, called "TIMELAPSE_AP". Connect to that WIFI AP (password is 'timelapse' and should be changed during setup to something only you know) and open up a browser, instead of entering a website URL, like www.zeitdice.com, enter, the following interface should appear: 

  • After logging in you can see the current state of the device (battery level, memory usage, firmware version) and change all settings the camera has to offer: Interval, Image Resolution, ISO, Shutter Speed, Timezone, WIFI Configuration and Cloud Settings;

Off Mode

  • You can turn off the camera by pushing the button in setup mode until you the mode indicator light shows red. 

Trouble Shooting

  • If the device is not recognized as external memory by your computer, please try a Hardware Reset or reboot your computer and try again, if that does not help, please contact support.
  • Hardware Reset: If the device becomes unresponsive, please push the button for 1 minute to initiate a hardware reset.  

About Us

At ZEITDICE INC. we believe that time is the most valuable commodity humans have. It is something one can never get back. Therefore, we are developing technology to enable you to capture the passage of time and tell stories beyond the limitations of traditional cameras.

Our first product is the ZEITDice One Timelapse Camera, a camera engineered for the purpose of long term capture of subject matters without complicated installation or setup.

For our other offerings and computer vision services, please visit: https://www.zeitdice.com

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